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Reflections in the form of writing. (at Starbucks Trinoma Garden)

Street biking at night. <3 #breakingoutofroutine

Going to work in this kind of weather is a challenge. #backtowork #nightshift

Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it’s the only thing
That I know

And when it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And times are forever frozen still

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin’ me closer
Til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone
Wait for me to come home

#edsheeran #playlist #xalbum #spotify

When the clock strikes 12, it is always the heart talking, while the brain is on idle.

Now watching “Heaven is For Real”. At last! I got the time to watch this before bedtime. #metime #movie #goodnight (at Home Sweet Home)

Happy birthday mam rhen!!! I miss you so much!!! May God bless you more and may you continue to bless others. Mahirap ang malayo sa pamilya so always remember to pray and seek the Lord whenever you feel lonely. Wag makakalimot magpasalamat sa Kanya. Ingat palagi ha. Muahchuberibelsss <3

Enough said.

Dear mister mustache, I will always love you. #midnight #snack #foodporn #fave (at Home Sweet Home)

Justin <3 #soundtrip #metime #jt (at Home Sweet Home)

Good reminder from the boss. (at Chowking Shell Nlex Balagtas)

“I had the strangest sensation of floating, of drifting farther and farther away with nothing and no one to cling to. I was standing right beside her, but the distance between us had split into the kind of canyon I couldn’t jump across.” 
― The Darkest Minds, Alexandra Bracken

Independence day is fro-yo day. 🍦🍨🍧 Thank You Lord for giving me the best sister in the world. Susugurin ko ang ulan makasama ka lang.😂 If only you work nearer then everyday is gala day. I miss and love you! 😘 (at BonChon Robinson’s Malolos)

Missing these girls big time…